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Totally understand your Cyber Security Status.

Visualize your Cyber Security Status throughout your entire organisation across divisions, subsidiaries, departments, locations.


Quick setup

Get going quickly, choose your templates CIS or NIST, set up your business units, start managing your Cyber Security in a structured manner.

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Easy to use

Once you are setup, you can easily create and manage your periodic Cyber Security reviews and obtain meaningful risk action plans, trend analysis and consolidated views of your Cyber Security position.

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Choose the security protocol that suits your organisation. use recommended subsets of controls for your size of company.

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Reduce Risk

Very quickly identify areas of concern in our Risk Action Plan. Remedy risks during assessment period, retain ongoing evidence of activity and have a full record of all documentation in one place.

360° view of an organization's Cyber Security position.

All information in one place, see all history and trends.

CIS - Center for Internet Security

Use CIS 8.0 as your control framework. 

Within CIS choose the level of controls you wish to implement:

  • IG1 - 18 controls with 43 criteria

    An organization that operates in a small to medium capacity with limited IT and cybersecurity knowledge fits this group.

  • IG2 - 20 controls with 142 criteria

    Organizations that fit into the IG2 category have dedicated cybersecurity teams for protecting information security and IT systems. Typically, these companies operate on a medium-scale and store sensitive data to clients and the organization.


NIST Cyber Security Framework

NIST develops cybersecurity standards, guidelines, best practices, and other resources to meet the needs of U.S. industry, federal agencies and the broader public.

The NIST framework is used by many organizations globally to manage their Cyber Security controls.

We offer a full NIST framework of controls in our system. This enables any organization that needs to be NIST compliant to have a full system with Risk Action Plans for all each function / category / sub-category criteria.



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