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Best Next Gen SIEM Vendor

The security information and event management solution collects logs, analyzes different security events per other data speed threat detection, and supports security incident and event management. In other words, SIEM is a security tool for enterprises that collects data from multiple sources and enables faster response to threats. It can trigger an alert or quarantine an asset as per rules detailed in its coding.

Seceon aiSIEM goes beyond using the log data, simple analysis for correlation of events and applying rules to enhance an organization’s security posture. It ingests raw streaming data (Logs, Packets, Flows, Identities) from a variety of sources. Real-time Machine learning handles large data volumes in conjunction with contemporary big/fast data frameworks efficiently and enables adapting to any environment dynamically upon deployment for deep data analysis.

Whether you require a best next gen SIEM vendor or a simple SIEM solution, we can provide essentials, such as faster data collection, accurate data aggregation and normalization, complete data analytics, policy application, and alert generation.

Seceon is powerful and unbeatable aiSIEM solution will collect logs and other data from systems and security applications in a central location to make it possible to perform comparison and analysis. Hire us as your best next gen aiSIEM vendor and get a cybersecurity solution straight from the minds of experts.

Get built-in support for policies and data analytics tools; your need for threat detection and analysis, including regulatory compliance, is here. With the increasing speed and effectiveness of such a powerful SIEM solution, your sensitive information is secure and protected. Now, the reasons why SIEM solution from a reliable best next gen SIEM vendor is popular and required per current environment:

  • Real-time Visibility & Activity

Internet attackers or online pirates are constantly on the watch to manipulate a network and take advantage. These people could and would steal your sensitive data and put it on sale. Moreover, they would not stop here. Your whole network will suffer, including all the devices connected to your networks like cell phones and tablets.

  • Advanced Threat Intelligence

With years of research and development, our SIEM solutions help to demonstrate security controls and policies. You can call this security tool an advanced artificial intelligence codded to detect and eliminate the threat before doing any damage or controlling the damage done. In the long run, when your business increases, the need for online security is required.

  • Embedded Compliance Framework

As the top next gen SIEM vendor, we offer a solution with advanced capabilities and compatible with business needs. It includes compliant application, total shutdown in the event of a threat, and high alert notification after detecting signs of a potential intrusion into your network or systems.

  • Centralized Event & Log Data Collection

Data is everything whether it is your personal or company’s data. For advanced cybersecurity solutions, every event and log in the network is a goldmine for potential threat detection. The security solution collects and analyzes centrally stored data and stays alert if there is a potential lurker in your network.

  • Custom Dashboards & Workspaces

Your IT department and the team will find our next gen SIEM solution, a tool of advanced security. It has customization options, custom dashboards for different users, and a private workspace application to watch and enforce any extra security control or policy. If you have any doubts or questions regarding choosing the best next gen SIEM vendor, get in touch with us today, and experience our expertise on security information and event management tool to secure your sensitive data and protect data from hackers and other online attackers.

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