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What is XDR?

XDR is a security solution that delivers end-to-end visibility, instant detection, investigation, and response across multiple security layers – business email, endpoint, server, cloud workload, and network.

According to cyber security analysts right XDR is, ‘It is a SaaS-based, vendor-specific, security threat detection and incident response tool that natively integrates multiple security products into a cohesive security operations system that unifies all licensed components.’ Owning, installing, and using cybersecurity assets is one thing but managing all these assets is quite a challenge. That is what we hear from our potential clients. We provide complete and robust security measures with no downtime as cybersecurity experts.

If you have installed or established a team of cybersecurity professionals, you should know there is a way to manage some of your licensed security software in one place. Get an extended detection response today and ease the stress on your resources. The extended detection and response provides a lower total cost of ownership for effective and productive detection and the response of cybersecurity threats, improved protection, detection, and response capabilities, and offer increased operational productivity for security professionals.

In this article, you will know about Seceon XDR extended detection response’s definition, capabilities, benefits, and reasons to choose it today.

What is XDR? Seceon XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is advanced security software that offers comprehensive visibility, response across networks, and analysis of applications and endpoints. It is a tool that uses other means to manage the progression of endpoint detection and response security.

Imperative Capabilities Deployment – When you hire cybersecurity experts, the deployment of security solutions is easy to install. We can help you collect and correlate detections and other activities across many security layers. Shutdown & Quarantine – It protects your networks and systems against insider attacks, such as hard drive transfer viruses, ransomware, external attacks, and advanced malware. Omnipotent Visibility – It collects, correlates data from different sources to detect, hunt, investigate, and respond to threats without becoming a burden on other resources. 24/7 Detection – With custom rules and analytics operations, it can detect advanced persistent threats and other attacks. SOC Productivity – With advanced endpoint security policy management, investigation, monitoring, and response, your SOC is better functional than before.

Seceon XDR Benefit: Event Analysis & Management – It gives threat-focused data collection, threat-centric orientation, and data unification and streamlining responses. Multi-Tool – Your security teams will have one dashboard to use other threat detection and response tools for mitigation and faster response. You can even automate actions for handling different levels of threats. Visibility & Protection – Seceon XDR offers more manageable ways to stop cyberattacks by extending visibility, detection, and response.

Why you install Seceon XDR? Seceon XDR (Extended detection response) tool has faster, high-fidelity detection artificial intelligence, streamlined response, lower cost of ownership, and most efficient integrated software for cybersecurity measures. Whether your focus is on email security, network analysis and visibility, identity, and access management, threat and vulnerability management, cloud security, or IT and IoT security, it detects and responds to every threat coming your way or lurking in your network.

Is Seceon aiXDR Right For Your Use? Get in touch with us and have the right version of the XDR Vendor extended detection and response tool that’s right for you. We can help you have cloud-based ingestion, automatic investigation and scoring, actionable attack summaries, advanced detection, incident response, threat hunting, extraction engine, and autonomous analysis.

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