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Three tips for choosing the right PAM solution

PAM was voted the #1 cybersecurity project by Gartner for two years in a row. This is because a PAM solution promotes cybersecurity in organizations, and allows controlled, privileged access for users, accounts, processes, and systems in an IT environment. In practice, PAM involves a number of capabilities, with the main goal of ensuring the application of the principle of least privilege, according to which each user must have only the necessary access to perform their activities.

Here are three key things to do to make sure you are evaluating the right PAM solution for your business:

Follow Technology Events Following technology events is a way to stay on top of key trends related to information security and know what the best PAM solution providers are.

Events like RSAC 2022, Defcon, Red Hat, and the European Identity and Cloud Conference as well as AfricaCOM, and conventions closer to home. Check What the Market Reports Have to Say Another way to know which PAM suppliers are reliable and offer an efficient solution is through market reports, which bring up-to-date data to buyers. In this sense, Gartner shares relevant information about the main PAM solutions available, as well as KuppingerCole Analysts, Forrester, Quadrant Solutions, and ISG, among others. Talk to Resellers PAM resellers are also often trusted sources and recommend the best tools for their customers. Considering that resellers also deal with several customers and can understand better than most the real pains of companies of different sizes and verticals, it is worth questioning them about how to choose a PAM solution that best suits your needs.

If you're looking for a good PAM solution and need to chat to resellers who are already well versed in this area, please reach out to us so that we can put you in touch.

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