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Is your SOC intelligent enough?

AI-powered cybersecurity technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and become more centralized.

With AI, organisations can better detect and respond to security threats. Automated security tools, such as machine learning and predictive analytics, are being used to better identify and block malicious activities. At the same time, cloud-based security solutions allow organisations to better protect their data and systems.

Cloud-based solutions make it easier to detect and contain threats, as well as to quickly respond to incidents.

The adoption of zero-trust security models saw a surge in popularity in 2022. This model is based on always verifying user identity and access rights, rather than trusting users who are already in the system. This helps organizations keep their data and systems secure even when they are accessed from outside their networks.

Encryption and tokenisation are being used to help protect data from being accessed or stolen, even if the data is intercepted. Further, math applied to use cases, should result in a more efficient and effective SOC with less alerts and noise being generated. AI also offers the advantage of supplying a system of measure by using security analytics to measure risk in a probabilistic manner, overcoming the challenge of not being able to quantify the likelihood and impact that a threat can be imposed on an environment.

If you're an MSSP with a SOC, but you haven't yet made the leap to AI and aren't sure how, chat to us about Seceon and how it could bolster your customer offering.

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