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Artificial Intelligence Security Engine



Go beyond known vulnerabilities to intelligent exploit detection. 
A complete solution to test the strength of your organisation’s digital footprint and its security.


Rules are made to be broken. That's the motto of every unethical hacker. So how do you counteract that? You bring in a military-grade sniper with the ethical Fortitude to keep going 24/7, hack and remediate; self-learning on movement, intent, and structure of any system - cloud-based, internet-based, or on-premise. Fortitude's context-aware nature of AGI moves through the digital estate of your organisation to provide unending threat detection and power reporting capabilities with direct remediation recommendations.

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Fortitude's AV works to establish endpoint security efficacy by continually monitoring evolving malware. The system's antivirus capabilities are embedded into its self-learning overall cybersecurity detection, analysis and remediation recommendations. The built-in solution is a behavioral analysis tool in the antivirus engine as part of Fortitude's overall 360 degree coverage of an organisation's full scope of digital assets.

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A good cybersecurity solution will thrive in a known digital estate of traditional controls. Fortitude goes beyond the corporate IT network into the complex, diverse and fragmented patchwork of SaaS applications, email platforms, cloud workflows and industrial infrastructure. Its ability to gain a unified scope across diverse environments and cut across being a points only solution gives it the iron clad edge needed over other solutions. Fortitude mimicks the dark web to contextualise and simulate known and unknown threats, always being one step ahead of the game.

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